Golf “Lessen”

A number Hip golf Graphics

  1. Golf “Lessen”
    Image by JD Hancock
    Dedicated to my Uncle Johnny.

    Part of the Little Dudes series, documenting the little dudes who live in my home.

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  2. Golf balls
    Image by purolipan
    To supplement income, caddies sell almost new balls they found while working at the golf court. Price: 50 Pesos a dozen (something like 3.75 US dollars), which is cheap, compared with 20 or more dollars for a brand new dozen.
    I am proud of contributing to these hard working men income. Both buying their balls AND, keep loosing mine, for them to found, some of them brand new (sigh..).
    : )

  3. Golf Anyone?
    Image by Amber B McN
    A view from our back yard. Shot from the golf course directly behind the house.

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